4:02.42 !!!


And typically, she kicked my ass.  Okay, I helped train her, so she got to learn from my training mistakes, but really she kicked my ass because she’s skinny and dedicated.

Her official time in the Winterthur Marathon was 4:02.42!  So she ran almost a half an hour faster than me.  And I should mention, I ran the Munchen marathon, which is flat, and considered a pretty fast track.  The Winterthur marthon has significant hills (not a lot, but a little matters in a marathon), and is mostly gravel.  This is pleasant to run on, but it’s not the fastest, as you have to pay attention to irregularities in the road.  If I had to guess, Bettina woulda run in at 3:50 on a fast Marathon track.  So fucking kudos to Bettina!

Heres a  picture of her finishing:

Bettina comin across that line


Bettina and I are taking place in the Fit for Life Trophy, a program run by Fit for Life magazine, created to encourage people to diversify their training. To satisfy the trophy requirements you have to take part in sporting events for 6 different types of event. Of the available choices, Bettina an I are planning on doing running, cycling, mtb-marathon, snowshoing, triathlon, and mountain-marathon.

Two Saturdays ago we ran in the 20 km de Lausanne, which is a great event. It’s like a big party for the whole town, with wine tents, music, and kids events, culminating in the 20k race at the end of the evening. We were both pretty happy with our times. I came in at 1:57:01 and Bettina came in at 1:51, or thereabouts. Last Saturday we took place in the Berner-rundfahrt, the cycling event linked to above. We managed not to come in last place, not even for our age-catageories, but it was a pretty challenging event: 33km with 450 m elevation gain. We hadn’t been on our road bikes but once since last summer, so we were pretty content to just pull it off.

But I gotta say, two events in two weeks is just too much. I’ve been completely knackered all week. I had to take 4 recovery days this week. I’ll be heading to the pool this evening, hopefully I’m feeling a little better. Bettina has her marathon in just 8 days, and the next event we’ll both be doing is the Elsa bike trophy. So Bettina gets to slack off a little soon, which is good. I think she’s getting a little burned out on the running. As for me, I have to get fit for the Elsa.

Anyways, here’s a picture of B and Me before the B.R. Don’t we look cute?Glen and Bettina before the Berner Rundfahrt: