Lessons about movements

Leaders are overvalued in our culture.  American history tends to paint social change as happening as a result of the actions of a few great leaders, as opposed to occurring  despite the nations leadership, and due to the agitation of large numbers of affected people.  So while I don’t wish to devalue the work that, say, MLK did, I don’t think the civil rights movement of the sixties was thanks to him.  Rather, MLK was successful because he had so many dedicated, hard working followers, most of whom history will forget.

Now look at the following video.  It makes the case clearly, brilliantly and light heartedly.  A small act of sainthood.  Bravo!

Faulty Java Documentation

J3D provides a box constructor Box(float xdim, float ydim, float zdim, Appearance ap).

The documentation states:

public Box(float xdim,
           float ydim,
           float zdim,
           Appearance ap)
Constructs a box of a given dimension and appearance. Normals are generated by default, texture coordinates are not.

xdim – X-dimension size.
ydim – Y-dimension size.
zdim – Z-dimension size.
ap – Appearance

This is an error.  xdim, ydim, zdim are actually  one-half the x,y, and z dimension sizes.