Labor’s problem

Labor’s problem is basically our problem… Blanche Lincoln, a total corporate sell out, won in a tightly contested battle against her challenger in the Democratic primaries. Labor dumped 10 million bucks in a campaign to defeat Lincoln. Hell, I donated ten buck to get the bitch defeated, and I don’t even live in the states.

What’s the issue? Well, Lincoln worked against the public option, and basically Lincoln works consistently against the public in the factor of corporate interests. Now White House staff has apparently been making nasty comments to the effect that Labor just pissed away 10 million bucks.

The problem here is the problem we all face: What can we do about it? Should labor endore the rabidly anti-labor Republicans come November? All they can do is half heartedly support the bastards that are going to screw them the least. Are you pissed off about the fact that the Obama administration has allowed the shallow off-shore drilling moratorium to expire? Well, what are you going to do, vote for the Republicans?

I’m going to the green party website and donating some money right now…

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