Sponsor a Walmart Striker

I can’t think of a worse example of the failings of our economic system than Walmart.  Virtually everything that’s wrong with our economy is wrong with Walmart, typically to an extreme degree.

Walmart rules the “price is everything” universe, often by selling poor quality merchandise, poorly suited to its purpose.  Other times by selling the same merchandise available elsewhere, made cheaper by virtue of mass purchasing power, and exploitation of its workers.

In the eighties and Nineties Walmart spread like a cancer from small town to small town.  At first towns rejoiced at the arrival of Walmart with their huge stores, huge selections and cheap prices.  Gradually people awakened to a disturbing pattern however:  where Walmart went, small locally owned businesses died.  Once a town had a Walmart, your only job opportunities were Walmart jobs, which pay so poorly you can barely afford to shop at Walmart, let alone at a small locally owned business.

Now Walmart workers are fed up, and they are organizing.  They are planning a walk out on Black Friday, which is simply a brilliant idea.  The thing is, Walmart workers lead precarious lives, economically speaking.  Missing out on a day’s pay hurts.  That’s where we can all help.  You can sponsor a Walmart striker.    The organization page is here, and the donation page is here.

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