Feeling good

This weekend I suffered terribly from overtraining.  On saturday B and I rode the bikes to Rothenthurm (which is about 24 km away, no terrible hills) to look at a new used car.  I was incredibly weak.  I could barely puff up the hills, which would ordinarily pose no problem.  We took the train home since I was so worn out.  I was supposed to be social and show up at a party for one of Betinna’s friends, but I was completly ko and had to just go and lie down.

Sunday wasn’t much better.  I felt completely worn out.  No energy, and in paritucular no strength in my legs.  I could barely make it up the stairs.  My legs weren’t sore, they just had no power.  I wore some long underwear which I though qualified as compression tights, and my compression socks all day.  I’m convinced that this helped.  I also worked through some stretching routines, which seemed to have immediate benefits.

This morning I woke up at 7:30, surprised that Bettina had woken and made it out of the house without waking me whatsoever.  But I felt refreshed.  I got my stuff together, packed up my backpack, and ran the 14 km to work.  I feel awesome now.  I’m not even vaguely fatigued.  I feel alert and energetic.  If anything I feel hyper.

It’s fantastic to finally be reaping some benefits from all of the training I’ve been doing.  For months I’ve spent most of my time feelilng fatigued, tired, and or sore.  I still have a little soreness, but it seems to be a good sore.  Okay I had a couple of rough days this week, but now I’m back at training fit.  So I think the Swiss bike masters 75km race is well within reach (5 weeks to go: 4 training, 1 taper).    I’m still holding flat at 90kg, but my body composition is certainly changing.

In the last month I’ve made the following changes to my training routine, which I think are working:  First, I’m doing a little yoga/stretching every single day, especially when I feel miserable.   Secondly, I’m taking creating supplements (which I will continue until the bike race, at which point I’ll stop until the triathlon).  Thirdly, because I’m focusing on the triathlon in the long run, I’m doing more multi-sport/cross training.    And it seem to be working so hooray.

Bettina seems to be suffering at the moment.  I’m hoping she’ll get her energy back soon, but it’s good that I get a chance to get a little lead on her in the training.  Maybe I can finally beat her in a race.

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